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The artisan ramen chef behind Hayatemaru ramen

Munetsugu Okuhara was born in Okinawa, the southrnmost island of Japan. Starting with Kyoto cuisine, Okuhara traveled and studied an array of Japanese cuisine; his culinary odyssey eventually ends in Hokkaido, the northrnmost perfecture of the country. Quickly fallen in love with people and culture of the land, Okuhara decides to begin his journey to create his very own Hokkaido Ramen. His years of endeavor slowly acquired loyal followers whom describe his taste as 'amazingly unique.' His praised taste, now known as 'Okuhara's Hokkaido Ramen' continues to fascinate and rejoice who experiences it. Preserving the essence of Okuhara's ramen, HAYATEMARU is now proud to present this praised flavor to our local customers to experience.

Munegetsu Okuhara